Poor Customer Service

Last week I started a long and complex conversation with the customer support team about paying national insurance. I asked the agent who I was speaking to a question and they didn’t reply or read the message on the day or the day afterwards, when I sent a follow up message. So it looks like the conversation was closed because they’re online at the moment and have been for the past couple of days.

I opened a new conversation, said who I’d been speaking to and asked the agent to let them know that I was waiting for a reply but instead the agent asked me to repeat what we’d been discussing, rather than just checking my conversation history to see which conversation I was referring to. It looks like that agent’s offline today so I can’t get through to anyone.

I don’t understand why it’s been so difficult to get this sorted?

This isn’t great to hear. @samoc @adamjgo @nesskent can you guys help here?

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Thanks for raising this. Not sure what’s going on, but will checkin with the team to find out.


Hi @AlexS, I’m Eva and I look after Customer Operations here at Coconut. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I’m really sorry that you feel that your conversation was somewhat neglected. I can only understand how frustrating this must have felt. I’ve personally reviewed what happened and shared your feedback with the team - it seems like there were a few chats open at the same time, which ended up creating a little bit of confusion. I can see your chat has since then been picked up - but if you need anything else in the future, please feel free to ask for me directly, I’d be more than happy to help.


To be clear I don’t feel like the conversation was neglected, it was neglected - I didn’t receive a response to my question from the agent for 3 working days, even though they were online during that time and I hadn’t started any other chats at that point. So after 3 days I had to open another chat to ask someone else to put them back in touch with me, which wasn’t as straightforward as it could have been either.

But my question’s been answered now and I appreciate you looking into this.

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You’re right, Alex, I do agree with you. Your conversation with the team was not up to our usual standards - I’m sorry you had a bad experience with us. Thanks for taking some time to explain this in more detail over the phone just now, this was really useful. As mentioned during our conversation, we do take matters like this very seriously - I’ve taken notes of your additional feedback and this has resulted in a team-wide training session. I’m glad to see that everything has now finally been resolved for you. In the future, if you ever feel like something’s not right, please feel free to mention my name or email me directly.


They’re normally very good must have been on an off day… some new faces on support though so may be getting into the job that’s caused it. You know what things are like on something new… till you get your head around the processes it’s manic and until that’s overcome you can’t streamline stuff and get on top.

Not making excuses for the team but it’s possibly that or understaffed for the influx of messages.

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Totally, there’s always going to situations where processes break down too or something slips through the cracks as well.

I’ve generally been very pleased with the customer service too, it’s usually fast and the guidance that they give on accounting principles is great. Hopefully this was just a one off.