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I know a while back when we spoke during a feedback call that I suggested implementing a search option and filter option.

Having now got a long list of financial transactions over the last year. It’s quite long winded having to scroll down to look for an individual transaction or payment. Are these features going to be added?

I’m sure everyone can benefit from it. I know you are trying to keep this app as simplistic as possible and I like that hence the reason this is the platform I use for my business. But more features do need to be added.

Thank you


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Hi David

Search will be added to the app soon.

We’re aware we need to do a better job in helping you find transactions, do any bookkeeping actions and to then get things ready for tax returns. This will be a focus for us in the first half of this year so please bear with us. We’re excited to bring these improvements to you as soon as possible.

In the meantime, can you help me by giving me a bit of info around what kind of things you’d want to search for? Transaction name? Amounts? Categories?

Many thanks


Thanks for the response and am glad this is in progress. Search for a customer name, brand name or even an address. I think would also be good if notes could be made for each customer. Not a huge amount of space required, but something where you could just fill in a paragraph with useful info for each customer for when invoicing. Also from a record point of view. I know we can put their address in and email address. But would be good if you could fill in a contact number. Not as a means of contacting them through coconut, just be very useful to have all that info in one place.

I hope this helps.


David Worden

I’m often curious as to how much I have spent on different categories over the year/month: materials, vehicles, equipment, personal etc. I’m not sure if it comes in handy for tax returns or anything so it’s not a priority but seeing this here I just wanted to register and interest.

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