Searching your transactions

As you get more transactions in Coconut, you’ll want to be able to search them. We should introduce a quick and simple way to do this.

Our approach
We can add a search icon or pull down to search somewhere in the Accounts tab. This should probably search globally, so including looking up all your accounts.

We should also introduce a similar search pattern in other places, like payment contacts and invoices.


Yes, a great idea!

At the moment, I don’t have an overwhelming amount of transactions but as time goes by, it will be harder to find a certain item. Having the ability to search would be great for the future.

A filter option would also be useful. So being able to filter by year, Income/expense Category, amount, client, all or certain account etc.


Thanks @VoiceActor, good shout on the filters. I think we’ll add a text search first and then do filters after that.

Your filter suggestions sound good, one that’s also come up is filtering by all money in or all money out too

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Hello! Really keen for the search feature as it will help massively. Just wondered if there is a plan to implement this soon?


This would be super useful particularly if coupled with these two features I have used on other banking apps:

  1. A date range filter in addition to text search
  2. Total calculations of records found (total amount in/out and VAT)

For instance being able to work out how much VAT charged on a financial quarter of invoices, or spent at a particular supplier for a time frame would be incredibly useful without having to export and calculate it all.


Would really appreciate a search feature, I’d actually pay for it, it’s that much of a pain. It makes accounting much harder with out this. I can search my personal monzo to cross reference payment made to me, but there’s nothing for my business transactions.

I’d like to search for specific transactions or transaction categories to make sure they were categories correctly, or amend the category. It’s specifically hard if you have other accounts that don’t connect into Coconut and need to see which transfers are recorded and which you need to manually account for. Then it get’s really tricky if those accounts are also foreign currency accounts.

Seems like I’ve hit the platform limitations again, sorry guys.

Two feature requests besides just the search:

  • Add support for TransferWise via True Layer
  • Add accounting support for non GBP transactions USD, EUR, etc…

Has there been any update on beta releases?