Sent date on invoices incorrect

When you view an invoice that has been issued, but not yet marked as paid, it says “Sent to … on date”. However this date is just the invoice date, rather than the actual date sent. If an invoice has to be reissued for some reason, (or it is sent late because of a client-caused delay etc.) I don’t want to change the invoice date (and therefore the payment deadline).
So is it possible for this "sent on… " date to reflect when the invoice was actually sent?

It would also be great to be able to see a history of invoices/emails sent from the app, rather than having to check through the copied emails. But that’s a feature request rather than a bug.


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Hi Jake
Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’ve made a note of this for our engineers to take a look at, as well as how how we can make this experience a touch better with some other things we’re thinking for invoices, namely read receipts. We will be making a focus in Invoices in the near future, so hopefully we can tackle this at the same time.
Keep the ideas and insights coming, it’s all appreciated!