Share Certificates

Hi @samoc and team,
Any idea when the non-nominee share certs from the crowdcube raise are going to be sorted? I don’t think I’ve seen anything yet and don’t want to have missed something…

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Hi Will – you’ve not missed anything – shares were issued on 14 Aug alongside the Nominee shares, but I haven’t gotten around to sending your certificates out – I’ll try and get it done this week, latest next – hope that’s ok! Pete (COO)


Cheers Pete, that’s great.

Look in crowdcube app in portfolio and there should be a download

Hi @pete, any news on the share certificates for direct investors? Also, when do you expect to issues EIS certificates?


Should be any time now as it’s 10 weeks ish now.

@pete any news on the share certificates for direct investors? I still haven’t received mine.

I’ve got it to send over to you, sending now by email Peter – sorry for not doing sooner… Pete

Same here please :slight_smile: Thanks Pete

Received. Thanks Pete :slight_smile:

Hi Pete,
Sorry, don’t think I ever saw mine but I could have missed it, mind checking?
Cheers, Will


I’ve been away and disconnected and now I was wondering if it is here where I should ask for my investment share certificate? I have the Statement of Beneficial Ownership sent by Crowdcube, but not the share certificate.

Please let me know, I’m also a newbie in crowdfunding. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

You should have download certificate in the app in the portfolio view. Or if you use the web interface the go to documents tab on coconut and your shares cert plus EIS cert should be there to download.

Kevin, none coconut staff😎

Thanks for your reply Kevin, but I’m not able to do that. I live in Spain and the app is not possible to install in my country.

About the Web interface, I can not sign up, as it promps me to install the app.

Any ideas on how to proceed to download the share certificate?

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Use a VPN and select your country as UK to get around this issue