Spending breakdown

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Apologies if this has already been discussed recently. I was wondering if there is any update on the possibility of a spending breakdown graph for each month, detailing how much you have spent on each Coconut category. It would be extremely helpful.




I agree, this would be very useful. Also a full break down of categories would be great.

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Yeah, I third this. There could even be a monthly breakdown for the last year/ tax year. Which is pleasing to see (I love the order that coconut has brought to self employed life) and helps in tax planning and money management.

(On a separate note that I should probably posted elsewhere, I work with tools a lot and need to get them repaired, I tend to put this under the equipment section but it would be interesting to see which tools are costing more than they’re making with a ‘repairs’ category or something. It would still technically be under equipment tax category but allows me to keep an eye on running costs of maintaining tools/equipment and things like that, I don’t know if anyone else has any sub categories that could help them)

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