Swag & Contracts

Hi @coconut (specifically @samoc)

I’ve seen some people talk about signing a contract - I haven’t had this, I know you’ve said Crowdcube are doing this side of things, but should they not have got everyone to sign by now?

Additionally, will Coconut or Crowdcube reach out in regards to the swag, just so I can keep an eye out.


Same question here regarding swag…

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Any reply @coconut/@samoc/@adamjgo?

Hi @ryev and @lhaasm, sorry for not seeing this sooner!

In terms of swag, we’re in the process of sorting this at the moment, so we’ll be in touch in a couple of weeks to let you know how to redeem your items - including investor cards.

All of the rewards will be coming direct from us, not Crowdcube.

In terms of signing a contract, I’ll check with @samoc on this and come back to you!

Any updates on this?

I got an email today to say I was unsubscribed from investor updates for some reason, so may have missed some emails if they’ve been going out.

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Hey @nesskent, do you have any updates on the contract side of things?

You won’t have missed any emails. I’ve just sent out the first update since the funding round closed. If you didn’t receive it, let me know.

The email earlier today was in preparation to make sure you were subscribed.

Hi Ryan, I’m not exactly sure what this relates to. But you will receive any updates on documents from Crowdcube. If you haven’t received anything in relation to the investment, I would checkin with them.

I didn’t receive this.


Any news on the Coconut investor card? :slight_smile: