Switch Guarantee

Does Coconut have a Switch Guarantee option? If not, what’s the best way to switch over all transactions to a different business account?


Hey @grimey :wave: we don’t offer the switching service I’m afraid. Do you mind me asking why you’re looking to change banking providers?

You can connect external bank accounts and credit cards to the Coconut app, so you can make the most of our accounting & tax tools without having to switch bank accounts. In fact this is how most of our customers use Coconut now (and because of this we’re actually not opening new business current accounts for a little while).

Would be great to get your thoughts - would that suit you for what you’re looking for?

Hi. Thanks for the reply.

I’ve been using Quickbooks for my invoicing and keeping my business transactions in the one place.
I was hoping to have used Coconut purely as a bank account, and to connect to Quickbooks. This would save me having to manually export an import CSV files.

Quickbooks offer unlimited invoicing in the package I use, and I see that for £10 a month Coconut offers the same.

Are you able to show me the benefits and disadvantages of staying with Coconut, as opposed to going to Starling which is free, but with unlimited invoicing at £7 per month? They also have integration with Quickbooks.

I am a very small business so obviously want to get the best value.

Many thanks.