Time Tracking / Billing Hourly Rates

Dear Coconut Team

I‘m an investor and unfortunately not a user since I‘m based outside the UK. Still, there is an idea I have been thinking about; I personally use Harvest for time tracking and a Zapier integration to Wave Accounting to bill different hourly rates based on the type of service provided and to create invoices. Obviously, this is quite tedious.

Wouldn‘t it be great to have Harvest-like time tracking and invoicing features directly within the Coconut app? I imagine this could really boost DAU / MAU and engagement.


This is a really good idea!

I currently use Toggl (https://www.toggl.com) for anything I do & I know they do some form of business integration I think - so is well worth looking into, @adamjgo @samoc what do you think?


Toggl is a great tool as well but unfortunately the intregration with Wave wasn‘t as useful for me as expected.

I do think it would be great if Coconut would come up with a native time-tracking feature on their app without any third party integrations.

From experience, building app features such as time-tracking wouldn’t be incredibly difficult - one can start with a really simple MVP and iterate from there to add more advanced features.

The biggest plus point though I see would be high engagement and increased DAU. If executed right, this could be great!

Would love to hear a feedback from @samoc and @adamjgo if you two don‘t mind.


Yeah, you’re right it would be a game changer.

The possibilities of adding in the exact hours recorded into an invoice from a native app would help build confidence in us from a customer POV.