Transaction reciepts

About once a month or so I go back to check my transactions in case I’ve forgotten to upload a reciept or 2 along the way. I just wonder if there could be an option to search for transactions that are missing reciepts to speed up the process? Or maybe an option to highlight transactions without reciepts attached as a reminder when I next log in.
It might not be for everyone and I do still keep a shoebox with the hard copies in just in case.

Just wondered if this would help anyone else or if I should just be more diligent.

(First time creating a topic so apologies if this is in the wrong place or not how it’s done)


I would second this.
I use 1tap still to record my receipts and their tag function is useful to add custom categories within each tax return style category. 1Tap allows you to search by tag or category but what they don’t have is a way to search for items that are not categorised or have no tags. This is important for any search function, being able to search for items that have no data yet!
That way you can see which items have not been dealt with yet.

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I would third this :).

The attachment and notes icons have really helped, as now I can see which transactions I have added an attachment (receipt) to and any that have notes by scrolling through my history, but a clearer way of indicating which transactions (especially older ones) still need action, and the ability to search would be really useful, especially at the end of the tax year.