Transaction Reference displayed on transaction details

Would it be possible to see the transaction reference text when looking at the transaction details or in the transaction list?

I often mark a transfer out to a personal account with a description of what it is for in the transaction reference field, I can see this in the account I have sent it too (Monzo or Natwest) but sadly I can not see that in the Coconut App. Unless I am looking in the wrong place!

Hope this is possible someday!

Hi Ralph,

This is in fact there, but we’re clearly not doing a very good job of making it obvious. You can find the payment reference at the very bottom of the transaction detail screen under ‘What can I claim?’ and ‘Something went wrong? Let us know’.

I’ll make a note to make this more obvious when we next touch this screen in development.


Good grief! I have never noticed that, what’s it doing all the way down there? It’s tiny! …and grey! :grin:

I would definitely like that higher, (so less scrolling required) and if possible selectable (copy and paste-able!).

Thanks for the tip though.