Transferring Money between accounts

Hi there,

It doesn’t look like it is possible to transfer money into my Coconut account in the app? or maybe I missed something? or is it possible to make a payment from another account linked in the app?

I have added a Lloyds account through open banking to save for corporation tax (which I am now looking to pay) and I would like to transfer the money back into my Coconut account and then pay HMRC.

Currently I will be adding my coconut account through logging into lloyds then going back to coconut to pay my tax.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Just tap the mini debit card at the top of the Accounts screen to see your bank details.

You can use these to transfer from another UK bank to your Coconut account.

Ah yes, I understand how to get my account details, but it doesn’t look like I can transfer money back to my Coconut account within the app itself, I would need to go to my other banking provider to achieve this (which I have done this time)

Hi Andy

We don’t currently support payments initiation in the app (the technology needed to start a payment from another institution from an app different to their own), but it is something that we are very interested in and will be exploring in the not so distant future.

Sneak peek: we are currently working on a specific saving for tax feature which will be able to replace your current setup. It will have automated payments from within the app, with even more advanced features down the road. We’ll have a beta version of this out in the coming weeks so let us know if you’d like to take part in that.

Let me know if you have any questions