User Testing - Monthly View

Hi everyone! JB here, I’m the designer at Coconut. :wave:

I’m looking for some volunteers to user-test a new feature for me. We’re looking to implement a new way to quickly see your business’ performance for the month so you know how much you can safely take out of your business as your take home pay. It will take into account any tax saving, as well as any other saving you might do/want to do, such as for a pension or some new equipment. This will mean you can easily see how much to save and how much you have to spend each month :tada:

The link will take you to a ‘prototype’ of the feature, which is basically a number of images linked together. As such there will be certain things which don’t work (i.e. other tabs), and certain things which I’ve replaced with a placeholder screen as it is not the focus of the study.

Your task, should you choose to accept it :female_detective:

  • Set up your monthly view by setting up your tax saving and other saving lines
  • Speak out loud about the thoughts you’re having about what you’re seeing. Is it confusing? Is it easy? Could something be better? Is it useful to you? What else would you like to see in the future?
  • Certain things like the slider for the tax saving setup are not movable, but let us know what you would slide this to
  • The user test will ask for permission to access your screen, video and microphone. This is so we can see how you get on with the prototype. If you don’t feel comfortable with this feel free to not engage the microphone and video, however we will need the screen recording at the very least for it to be useful to us
  • IMPORTANT: please ensure the response uploads before closing the tab/window/app

Feeling ready? Get started


That was super fun, I’ve just been playing Day of the Tentacle so think I was overly obsessed with making sure I clicked everything :joy: I’d love to do more testing like this if you need people.


Thank you @katycarlisle. We will hopefully be making this more commonplace for larger improvements to the app

Hey JB, I think this concept is brilliant!! as someone who was unaware of tax on account until April last year, I know that being informed of this would have saved me a big surprise that because of covid I’m still paying for now, with interest!!!
The sliders are great, I have read that it’s good to put ½ your age in percent away for your pension (so at 28 that’s 14%) and I’ve recently started saving about 10% of income in savings so that slider for me would be at 20% for tax and 25% for savings.

I know you can move money freely in and out of the vault, but if I know my monthly outgoings, could I request coconut make sure, let’s say, £1,500/month stays in the account? So if I earned £2,000 in one month, instead of moving £900(45%) could it just move £500(25%, not then leaving me short for bills, but showing me the 5% value I could save or invest)?
Or if I earned £1,600, just moving £100 and I could see how much extra I may need for my tax bill in the tax vault?
Sorry I’m not comfortable with being recorded.
I hope this is okay to respond here.

I am regularly recommending coconut and you just keep making it better in all the right ways. It has been a saving grace for me so Thank you and the team for all your help and hard work :relaxed:

Hey @Jollyolly
Thanks so much for taking the time to complete the test. And no worries for the lack of video, it’s just as useful to have a write up too.
Great idea with the minimum balance. I know we’ll be concentrating on other parts of the app for the time being, but I’ll definitely keep this in mind when we return to our tax vaults.

In addition to the user test above, we’d also love your input on this too. (there’s no need to record yourself with this one!)