VAT only invoice after becoming VAT registered

My company has become VAT registered as it has the potential to go over the VAT threshold and as a contractor, some companies prefer you to be VAT registered.

The effective VAT registration date was 1st March and I issued invoices on the 2nd and 8th March with VAT pending approval. I have now received my VAT number and I need to issue a VAT only invoice. Is it possible to do this in the app?

Looking at a few examples on the web it suggests the new invoice needs to reference the original invoice, the original amount with VAT added, then remove/refund the amount paid to leave just the VAT. However, the app doesn’t seem to allow refunds, negative figures, on an invoice.


Whilst this remains a question for someone in Coconut to answer, I worked around it with my accountant using Xero.

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