WeeklyWin 🏆: How did October stack up?

Hey everyone,

I don’t know how we got to the end of October so quickly, but we’re here. This week, I’d like to know how things have stacked up this month - what’s the one thing that you’ve achieved this month that means more than anything else?

Did you manage to wrap up any big projects or secure some new clients? Gotten any side-projects off the ground? For me, getting my first campaign going at Coconut was definitely the biggest win, and it surpassed my expectations of my first month here! If you haven’t already heard, we’re getting ready to launch Tax vaults to help you save for tax. You can find out more here and join the waitlist so you’re first in line to trial them.

Over to you!

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Seeing the invoice pagination changes finally roll out and hearing it’s made the whole app (for heavy users) a ton faster :pray: We should now have a very scalable foundation for all invoice related improvements in the pipeline. A huge weight off my mind after a few weeks!


Mine would be kicking off a project working with ASPIRE - a programme designed to help people who have been made redundant as a result of Covid-19 start their own businesses. It’s a great initiative and I’m looking forward to helping as many people as we can on their entrepreneurial journey over the coming months!

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