#WeeklyWin 🏆: What’s your no. 1# achievement this week?

Hey everyone,

Something we’ve been doing for a while at Coconut is getting together every Friday – before we switch off for the weekend – and taking a moment to celebrate the small things by sharing our #WeeklyWin. This is usually something that happened in the week that we’re really happy about, proud of, or just glad we got done and dusted!

My weekly win was getting the new content strategy up and running :partying_face: from blog posts to emails and tweets, it’s been a busy week!

Over to you, what’s your number one achievement for the week?


#WeeklyWin… I’m still alive enjoying life​:wink::grin:


Got back on schedule for a client project which was running behind because I’d had some health issues (not Covid thankfully). Jade I’m planning my content strategy this coming week too so that’s another reason I’m glad to get the client work sorted :grinning:


Just spotted this! My weekly win last week was seeing the first saving for tax love version in testing. Looking forward you getting that out.


@Kevin Definitely a win :smile:

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@katycarlisle Glad to hear that you got the client project back on track + you’re feeling better, Katy! :raised_hands:t5:

There’s something so satisfying about getting a content plan up and running - the results are always so worthwhile. Anything interesting coming up in your content plan?

It’s my business birthday on 24th October so I’m updating my manifesto (it’s called “Don’t Be a Dick”) and officially launching my new brand too. Lots of prep to do!


Ahh, that’s amazing! I hope you do something fun to celebrate your business birthday - love the manifesto title :rofl: