#WeeklyWin 🏆: Who came through for you this week?

Hey everyone,

I’m back to hear more of your #WeeklyWins! This week I’ve changed it up a bit – let’s talk about the people who have been there to support us. Being self-employed doesn’t mean working alone, we all have a network of people who are supporting us and pushing us to be the best version of ourselves.

So, who’s had your back this week? And how did you show them your appreciation? (We have a taco system at Coconut – not real tacos :taco:, but they’re still great!).


The weekly win for me was the FT Next Gen conference where I was on a panel with Poorna Bell and Claer Barrett talking about how Covid is impacting freelancers. Some incredible insights from my fellow panelists, and an honour to be part of such an amazing group of speakers and panelists:


A bit late to the party (I should adjust my email notifications) but for me it was my lovely freelance friends that I hang out with on Friday afternoons, remotely for now of course. I’d had a busy week so it was so good to have a laugh and chat to people to wind down for the weekend! LOVE the taco appreciation system can we make this a bigger thing please? :taco::taco::taco:

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@katycarlisle haha, no worries, Katy! It’s always great to have a group of people you can kick back and relax with (even if it’s over video chat for now :video_camera:) Tacos are the best :taco: :taco: :taco: definitely needs to be a thing everywhere!