Working from home chat

With everyone working from home, either because you usually do or have to because of the Coronavirus outbreak, we wanted to make sure people don’t get too lonely. I’ve set up this topic to share informative or fun things so we can all stay connected and happy.

@russ shared this article on Gigging in the Time of Corona. Worth a read.

Has anyone got any good strategies for avoiding over snacking when wfh?! I’m out of control…


Maybe I need one of these bad boys…

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@nesskent I’ve actually got that! I got the opaque version as it stops you staring at it. One tip I came across was to instead get a big box with a padlock. Then you can put tons of stuff into it and then you lock it. Then you just put the key in the safelock. That way you can time lock as much as you want without trying to stuff it all into the container :innocent:

It worked pretty well for me.

The other thing I find works best (I also can’t control myself) is to just not buy it - easier said than done but part of the issue with snacking so much is having easy access. If you at least have to go to the shop then it can put the brakes on quite effectively (especially with this weather!)

The other thing I’ve been doing a lot of is just buying a ton of fruit (apples, grapes and oranges in particular) and then at least snacking on those. That way I’m at least having something semi-healthy.

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I’ve been working from home for 22 years. The only way I got a grip on it was by using My Fitness Pal, setting myself a calorie limit per day and sticking to it. I eventually lost three stone and have maintained the same weight now for the past two years. Plus not buying tempting things also helps, but I have two kids who are constantly asking me to get crisps, biscuits and god knows what else, so sometimes will power is required…


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Don’t buy unhealthy snacks. I never buy biscuits for instance, it’s too tempting! Try to set times for snack break i.e. I try to stop at 10:30am then 4:00pm. I hope that helps!

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